Ombré Rovings Are Here!

I'm very exited to announce my latest product:  handpainted ombré or gradient rovings!  This is something that I have been scheming about for a while now, and today the first of several colorways is live in my Etsy shop at

Cranberry Ombre 1.jpg
Cranberry Ombre 2.jpg
Cranberry Ombre 3.jpg

There are many different ways to use an ombré roving in spinning projects.  Here are just a few suggestions:

*Chain ply (i.e., Navajo ply) to maintain the color gradient
*Split roving in half lengthwise to create a two-ply yarn that preserves the color gradient
*Ply with a roving with shorter color repeats to create a two-ply fractal yarn
*Ply with a solid-colored roving for a two-ply yarn with subtle color gradation
*Spin a singles yarn that retains the color gradient

Below is a picture of the Cranberry Ombré colorway spun as a two-ply yarn.  I split the roving in half lengthwise and spun two singles.  I plied the singles together beginning with the darkest color.  The final skein is about 320 yards and weighs roughly 4 oz.  I love the way the colors gradually move from dark to light.  I plan to knit a cowl (stitch pattern to be determine) with this yarn that emphasizes the color gradation.

Cranberry Ombre Handspun Yarn.jpg
Posted on July 28, 2015 .